Is the passionate career becoming a myth?

The passionate career is a myth.  Stop ruining your passions by forcing them into career archetypes.

Let me ask you a question. Do you like to go out to the bar or occasionally spend a night on the town? I know I do.  Does that mean that just because I like going to the bar I should work at one professionally? How about a co-worker who enjoys baking cakes? Because she enjoys baking is she then supposed to go and open a bakery? The answer is no. Unless of course you really want to. Why do we feel the need to link things we enjoy with things we get paid to do for work?


Down on your luck? Re-think today

Lately, I feel like the universe is conspiring against me.

We’ve all felt this way before. That feeling where nothing seems to work out, and you can never seem to catch a break. Whether it be our relationships or where we stand financially, there are times when we worry we carry more weight than we think we can hold. I woke up this morning with a raincloud of doom and gloom. One of my projects I’d been working on wasn’t operating as well as I’d hoped. “Why can’t something just work in my favor for ONCE?” I yelled to myself. Woe is me. I laid in bed with fussy child-like misery for about 30 minutes before grumpily getting up for the day.