How to travel the world

How to Travel the World – Backpacking 101

How to Travel the World

Have you ever wondered how to travel the world? Have you had the urge but just simply don’t know where to start?  Enter the eBook “Backpacking 101” by Nick Darlington, a world traveler with a dream.  Nick like many adults felt complacent in his current life.  Working your standard 9-5 job and making a decent salary was just not cutting it for him. After months of planning, Nick finally took the leap and traveled the world, documenting his travels and experiences.


a man trouble getting started and problems with perfection

Trouble getting started & problems with perfectionism

In positive form, perfectionism can drive you to excel, succeed, reach goals and push the limits of your creative boundaries. In toxic form, it can push you to depression, anxiety and frustrate your day-to-day interests by creating more problems.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine named Ben.  Ben is a great, extremely talented and creative individual. He always will reach out to me with his “next great idea”. He has great ideas and I’m always interested in hearing what he has to say.  These ideas are exceptional in nature–typically they range from a unique product idea or some type of new growth opportunity he seeks for himself.  There is, however, a caveat. Ben puts the except in exceptional.  In that, he does everything except follow through with his new idea. (Sorry Ben!)