About Me

Have you ever been asked this question?

“What do you want to do with your life?”

I’ll bet you have. What was your answer? I can tell you that this question wrecked havoc on me through most of my childhood and even early 20s. I knew what I wanted life to be like, I just didn’t understand how to make it that way. I wanted to live a life of financial freedom, where I could live financially free but also free of my personal time. As you can imagine, this response set off a chain reaction of emotional outbursts from listening parties. Everyone from strangers to friends and families would have typical reactions varying in combination of shock, fear, worry, jealousy and condescension.

“How can you live like that?  What will you do?”

“How are you going to make money if you don’t have a career?”

“I’d like to do that too but some of us have to work for a living…”

“I felt that way too but then I grew up…”

Take a look at those responses. I was confused as to the constant negativity.  Never work and have no money? I never said I wanted to be homeless. The funny part is that my response sets the precedence for the exact opposite. What I am really saying is I wanted to design a life where I could do whatever I want.  I wasn’t ignorant, I knew it would take time, money and hard work.

picture_of_david_aimiSociety has programmed us for just that. We are taught to believe that we are linear, and we must make singular choices that define who we are. Questions like what we want to be when we’re older, or what is our purpose in life?  These questions are toxic and unrealistic.

Split Mentality is my personal blog that documents brain dumps, adventures, and random tips and tricks for decrypting different life obstacles for those who don’t follow the beaten path.

See you out there,

David Aimi

Author & Entrepreneur of anything I can get my hands on