Being successful means being a failure

Think about the first time you played a video game—
did you let failure get the best of you?

Tell me, did you give up the first time you died? Every time you fell down that cliff and or got smacked by that monster what happened? Did you drop the controller? No?  What did you do? I bet you mother f’ed the world and committed to beating that level.  You learned the controller, the level and probably even memorized the music. So why in life when we encounter failure do we give up so quickly? Why is there a disconnect between the challenge at hand and failure?

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time at my previous job I was helping a co-worker with an issue they were having.  Very quickly I determined their issue and fixed it for them.

“Wow!  Thank you so much!  You are amazing at what you do!” – satisfied co-worker

I thanked the co-worker and said:
“I’m not good at what I do, I’ve just done everything wrong there is to do.” 

Our success is nothing more than a collection of educated knowledge we have gained from our failures. We grow smarter, stronger, wiser and more fortified because of these failures.

Fear and failing are two different things, and you should treat them as such

If you are afraid of failing, you will never achieve failure.  If you never achieve failure you will never create success from your experience. Fail so much that it frustrates you until you succeed. Each failure provides a morsel of knowledge that we add to our mental library stored for use at a later time.

Fail often. Fail every day. Fail in your sleep. Make failure part of your DNA.

Despite what you may think life is really not all about luck. It is a map of failure and success, and all the dots are connected.  We are nothing more than a statue of our own mold.  Failure from acting is far more rewarding than remorse from inaction.

Your task for today: get out there and start failing. After you’ve failed, find out what you learned from it and apply it to something new.