How to face your inner demons

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No matter your passion, facing inner demons is a struggle we all have in common.

We have many inner demons—one most noticeably is the notion of fear. Fear is a debilitating inner demon.  It can cripple our minds and our actions.  It can create doubt, stifle confidence and prevent us from doing activities we really want to do.  It can make us second guess who we are and the person that we want to become. These demons are crippling. Sometimes these demons are so powerful that we don’t even try to face them anymore.

How many times have you started a project and walked away completely, or when have you really wanted to do something but ended up talking yourself out of it?

I’m sure you’ve also experienced times when you or someone talked you into doing something that you didn’t really want to do. Did you find out it was not nearly as scary as you thought it was? Or did the opposite happen and you can finally confirm its something you never want to do again? Regardless, you took an action that gave you a definitive outcome.

“Action conquers fear” – Peter Nivio Zarlenga

I originally heard this quote by Chris Powell on a motivational TV show called Extreme Weight Loss. This quote in the context of the TV show resonated very deeply within me and echoed throughout the other verticals of my life.

Taking action conquers demons.

After reading my article, I want you to think about one thing and one thing only.  Think about that quote and what it means.  Let it marinate. Think about the simplicity of the word action.  I don’t want you to think about creating goals or defining life ambitions. Keep it very simple. What does that mean “action conquers fear?”

My interpretation is simple. When you act, fear becomes displaced.  Because you are acting, fear cannot be present. Start small.  Make micro-actions.  Make one micro-action towards whatever you want.  I will leave it up to you the nature of the action you wish to take.  The important thing to do here is to start practicing micro-actions and displacing those demons. As you become more and more comfortable with these micro-actions you can slowly improve your confidence.

Don’t be surprised if you fail or if you struggle in the beginning. Don’t let a few failures discourage you. If your micro-action was to eat a salad and not that cheeseburger, don’t worry about it. Eat the cheeseburger, enjoy it and try again.

No one is keeping a universal score card on your life and neither should you.