How to travel the world

How to Travel the World – Backpacking 101

How to Travel the World

Have you ever wondered how to travel the world? Have you had the urge but just simply don’t know where to start?  Enter the eBook “Backpacking 101” by Nick Darlington, a world traveler with a dream.  Nick like many adults felt complacent in his current life.  Working your standard 9-5 job and making a decent salary was just not cutting it for him. After months of planning, Nick finally took the leap and traveled the world, documenting his travels and experiences.

“If you feel fear about something, it generally means you are headed in the right direction…” – Nick Darlington

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Backpacking 101  by Nick Darlington

This eBook provides you a wealth of healthy tips on how to travel the world

The ebook will inspire you and teach you how to overcome fear and how to travel the world. The ebook provides several tips and helpful information around the entire traveling process.

  • Mindset. What mindset should you have to have the most enjoyable experience?
  • Planning: How much planning should you do?
  • Funding: How do you travel for an extended period of time?
  • Gear and Equipment: How to Pack? What gear and equipment should you not compromise on?
  • Technology: What Technology is at your disposal to make your life easier?
  • Miscellaneous: We look at all those other things that we could not compartmentalise into neat little boxes.

If you feel the urge to travel, maybe now is the time for you to start preparing

In his eBook, Nick mentions a process called mental tattooing.  It’s a very powerful mental process that helps prevent you from backing out of your decisions.  In order to  cement his decision to travel, Nick booked his flight well in advance with non-refundable tickets. By doing so, he reduced the chance of his subconscious voice telling him not to go.

Hopefully “Backpacking 101″and this article inspire you to start taking positive steps in your desire to travel.