a man trouble getting started and problems with perfection

Trouble getting started & problems with perfectionism

In positive form, perfectionism can drive you to excel, succeed, reach goals and push the limits of your creative boundaries. In toxic form, it can push you to depression, anxiety and frustrate your day-to-day interests by creating more problems.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine named Ben.  Ben is a great, extremely talented and creative individual. He always will reach out to me with his “next great idea”. He has great ideas and I’m always interested in hearing what he has to say.  These ideas are exceptional in nature–typically they range from a unique product idea or some type of new growth opportunity he seeks for himself.  There is, however, a caveat. Ben puts the except in exceptional.  In that, he does everything except follow through with his new idea. (Sorry Ben!)


“What is our purpose?” What’s the answer?

We’ve all had that morning–we wake up, look at the ceiling, flail our legs and arms in frustration and throw the cover back over our heads.

We all do it, especially on days where we’re unhappy or not looking forward to doing something.  There are some days where we just struggle to find purpose in getting up.  Some days we simply just don’t want to get up and follow the day’s routine.It was this action one morning that made me question what purpose really is.


Down on your luck? Re-think today

Lately, I feel like the universe is conspiring against me.

We’ve all felt this way before. That feeling where nothing seems to work out, and you can never seem to catch a break. Whether it be our relationships or where we stand financially, there are times when we worry we carry more weight than we think we can hold. I woke up this morning with a raincloud of doom and gloom. One of my projects I’d been working on wasn’t operating as well as I’d hoped. “Why can’t something just work in my favor for ONCE?” I yelled to myself. Woe is me. I laid in bed with fussy child-like misery for about 30 minutes before grumpily getting up for the day.


The SECRET to making money while you sleep

You will never become rich working a 9-5  job.

Hear me out on this. How much is your time worth to you? The reality is those of us who work 40-80 work weeks seldom have time to do anything other than drink wine and complain. Regardless of the salary we make, time is both the ultimate currency and investment. It is something we can give but never gain.   If we are working 80% of the time and living 20% of the time guess what? Our model for living life is broken. This needs to change.


Being successful means being a failure

Think about the first time you played a video game—
did you let failure get the best of you?

Tell me, did you give up the first time you died? Every time you fell down that cliff and or got smacked by that monster what happened? Did you drop the controller? No?  What did you do? I bet you mother f’ed the world and committed to beating that level.  You learned the controller, the level and probably even memorized the music. So why in life when we encounter failure do we give up so quickly? Why is there a disconnect between the challenge at hand and failure?


How to face your inner demons

Photo credit: Min’s Struggles, Facebook:Min’s Struggles Tumblr: minstruggles.tumblr.com

No matter your passion, facing inner demons is a struggle we all have in common.

We have many inner demons—one most noticeably is the notion of fear. Fear is a debilitating inner demon.  It can cripple our minds and our actions.  It can create doubt, stifle confidence and prevent us from doing activities we really want to do.  It can make us second guess who we are and the person that we want to become. These demons are crippling. Sometimes these demons are so powerful that we don’t even try to face them anymore.