A picture of a woman thinking to herself in front of a train

Overcoming the struggle with singularity

I struggle with the concept of singularity.

“what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“what is my purpose in life?”
“is my current career all that I will accomplish in life?”

These questions make us feel mentally cursed because they were designed for singularity.  They are crafted to accept only one answer. We are supposed to be a doctor, lawyer, plumber or something with a precise specialty. The reason why we struggle with this is because we try to mold our omnidimensional minds into a conventional standard that just doesn’t fit.

I don’t believe we are meant to conform to a singular purpose. We are not specialists. We are unique, diverse, creative and require change. Constantly.

People often ask: “Dave, what is it you want to do with your life?”

My answer to this question is simple but often met with criticism.

“I want to be able to do whatever I want to on any given day.”  If today I want to start a blog, exercise, travel or just stay home and have a lazy day on the couch I want to be able to make that choice for myself. My choice is to live my life exactly how I want to when I want to and where I want to. Don’t be surprised when this answer is met with extremely high criticism.  You’ll get every side of the spectrum here:

“well being lazy doesn’t pay the bills”
“…some of us have to grow up and get a job and be responsible”.

I answered their question perfectly, just not in a format their brain recognized. If you dissect my response I said I want to be able to.  To be able to live this lifestyle you would likely need money, a place to sleep, food and so on.  These items typically don’t come free, so one would need to design their life in a way to where they can achieve all these goals.

People have been trained in society to think that they actually want to work a 40+ hour work week because that is what’s considered responsible and healthy. If prefer being stuck in traffic every day and working long hour weeks then be my guest.

Stop trying to conform and embrace that your mind will never accept singularity.

Set your mind free and acknowledge that singularity is not an option for your mind.  The sooner you do this the sooner you can embrace your inner wiring. Doing so will help alleviate pressure you once felt about life and you will no longer feel obscure. So what now?  Where do we go from here? From here you need to begin to dissect your many avenues of interest. Interests change frequently.  They can change monthly, yearly or even daily. Let this happen.

Embrace you passions from this day on and discard singularity.