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How to Work Hard–Something I Never Learned

Lately, I’ve been ruminating on a topic that’s been bothering me. Throughout the duration of my childhood, I never learned how to work hard, mainly well because I never needed to. I’m guessing in this generation of youth I’m not alone. (at least I hope not.) I’ve been listening to popular entrepreneurs over the years touting the same old rag to riches story:


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Hello friends,

Forgive me for my absence, I know it has been a while. I’ve had several personal hurdles that I’ve had to overcome over the past year and let’s just say I’m not the best at track & field. Get ready as you may soon rejoice, for I am back.  I decided to bring Split Mentality back to its roots.  I felt the blog had developed several identities, oddly enough none of which I really felt were my own.


A big pile of clutter

Top 5 Tips for Managing Clutter

Clutter is to the mind is like hair is to the drain, and when it overflows it’s all bad.

What happens when a drain becomes clogged? Stuff just overflows. What happens when our minds become cluttered?  We stop being productive.  We lose focus. We burn ourselves out or procrastinate tasks often leaving us with little to nothing done. It’s all bad. Managing clutter is more difficult than just saying I will do better next time. Clutter is deceptive.  It starts small and much like a virus it begins to spread.  So how do we manage clutter more efficiently?


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How do you focus when you are overwhelmed?

“Focus is so difficult for me. There always seems to be a million things that need to get done, or that I should be doing better.” – Twitter friend on @davidaimi

This statement puzzled me. As I sympathized and dissected what this person said I thought “well why on earth do you have a million things to get done?!”  How on earth would this person be able to focus when there is just so much going on?  I think the answer is obvious, you can’t.


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Help people better understand who you are

No matter how you identify yourself (multipotentialite, scanner, renaissance person, split mentality or no label at all), you will always be faced with opposition and criticism because of how your mind works.

When trying to explain to someone you function and think differently than others, do you often get these types of responses?

  • The person says nothing, but secretly just thinks you’re lazy.
  • The person says something condescending, implying that we would “all like to just do whatever we wanted every day. But some of us have to work for a living”
  • A person makes a comment about immaturity and that you need to grow up.
  • The person immediately takes offense because they think you are somehow implying you are better or smarter than they are.
  • A person may humor your belief on your mentality, but when angered or frustrated they admit they really don’t understand you.

Don’t get mad at people for this—it’s just part of how society has everyone wired. We are wired differently because we struggle with normality, but by no means does that make us better than anyone else. In fact, it’s actually the opposite.  Most of us have struggled our entire lives because of how our mind works.


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Overcoming the struggle with singularity

I struggle with the concept of singularity.

“what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“what is my purpose in life?”
“is my current career all that I will accomplish in life?”

These questions make us feel mentally cursed because they were designed for singularity.  They are crafted to accept only one answer. We are supposed to be a doctor, lawyer, plumber or something with a precise specialty. The reason why we struggle with this is because we try to mold our omnidimensional minds into a conventional standard that just doesn’t fit.


improperly diagnosing

Do YOU have a split mentality?

When I was younger I had every label slapped on me that you could imagine. ADD, ADHD, boredom, depression, unmotivated, loser. etc. Pick one to choose from. I struggled with everyday common tasks such as getting up and going to school or going to work. Years later I even landed myself a pretty decent job to what average society would consider successful. So… why wasn’t I happy? I felt mentally cursed.

Then one day I discovered I had a split mentality. I never realized how great my mind actually was. A split mentality means you don’t follow the norm of natural society. You require constant challenge, creative stimulation and change. You march to the beat of your own drum. If you were anything like me it’s something you’ve struggled with every single day of your life.