A big pile of clutter

Top 5 Tips for Managing Clutter

Clutter is to the mind is like hair is to the drain, and when it overflows it’s all bad.

What happens when a drain becomes clogged? Stuff just overflows. What happens when our minds become cluttered?  We stop being productive.  We lose focus. We burn ourselves out or procrastinate tasks often leaving us with little to nothing done. It’s all bad. Managing clutter is more difficult than just saying I will do better next time. Clutter is deceptive.  It starts small and much like a virus it begins to spread.  So how do we manage clutter more efficiently?

  1. Physical clutter adds to mental clutter

    Having things in disarray physically around us can aggravate and add to the mental clutter.  Perform a small action item to reduce some of this physical clutter. Start as small as you’d like.  Move that tea cup mug to the sink or get rid of that soda can that has been sitting in that one spot for over four months. I suggest to aim at a specific small task that has been nagging at you forever but for whatever reason you have chosen to neglect it.

  2. Prevent clutter from stacking or else you will feel overwhelmed

    Make an effort to prevent clutter from building up. This isn’t rocket science, but it happens to us all the time. Clutter is nothing more than several small things being neglected that compound over time.  You can solve for clutter just as it is created.  Is it too late?  Are you already feeling overwhelmed with all the clutter? That’s OK!  Remember: the feeling of being overwhelmed is an emotion.  Emotions are temporary. What feels like certain crushing death at the moment will not feel that way a day from now, a week from now or even one beer from now.

  3. Compartmentalize and prioritize your tasks

    It is nearly impossible to focus on a singular task if you assign yourself one million things to do. Learn how to focus on small action items.  By completing small action items, you will experience the mental sensation of accomplishment. This accomplishment will motivate you to want to continue to the next task and continue to be successful.

  4. Unplug yourself from the matrix

    The reality is that Facebook, Twitter, TV, email and text messages will all still be there five minutes from now. Don’t be afraid to relax and decompress.  If you are one of those people who has to make or schedule time with yourself just to relax then this is of utmost importance.  Take 10 minutes in the morning or 10 minutes at night and just stop in your tracks.  Do something for yourself that helps you slow down your life for a minute. Whether it’s meditation, relaxing in a chair or playing with a pet do something that takes you away from all the craziness.

  5. Perform a mental data dump

    Your brain is an over-filled closet that has been stuffed to capacity. You can try to keep packing things in, but eventually it will overflow and fall all over you. What do we get when this happens?  Ding ding! An even bigger mess than what we started with!  Get thoughts out of your mind and put them somewhere else. Put them on paper, make a list of to-do items, write in a journal, write on a blog or delegate a task to a friend or family member.  Do whatever you need to do to get it out of your mind and make room. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but that does not mean you should use that as your excuse. It can always start with you taking action.

Everyone’s mind is different.  We both know no guide is ever going to decrypt the intricacy that is your mind. Find out what works for you using these helpful tips. Remember I want you to take action.  Just do something. The size of the action does not matter. Throw away a soda can or throw a sock from the ground in a laundry bin. By taking action, we are displacing our inner demons and combating our negative emotions.  When we displace negative emotions we are filled with the sensation of accomplishment and success.


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