“What is our purpose?” What’s the answer?

We’ve all had that morning–we wake up, look at the ceiling, flail our legs and arms in frustration and throw the cover back over our heads.

We all do it, especially on days where we’re unhappy or not looking forward to doing something.  There are some days where we just struggle to find purpose in getting up.  Some days we simply just don’t want to get up and follow the day’s routine.It was this action one morning that made me question what purpose really is.

What drives us to actually wake up and do the things we are supposed to do? Besides the responsibilities of paying for our bills and caring for our loved ones, what other reasons do we really have? This thought process led me down quite the rabbit hole. Beyond purpose, I started to question our existence. Why are we here? What is the reason we are here and what are we supposed to be doing? These are both intriguing and toxic questions. They make us feel empowered and helpless all at the same time. The magic behind not knowing the answers to these questions leaves us with both a sense of mysticism and purgatory.

We don’t really know what our reason for existence is, or if there really even is a reason.  We don’t know why we’re here, or how we got here. We don’t even know what here really is! We don’t know what our purpose is as humanity. We are left in a maze of our own existentialism. Whether our personal dogmatic belief lies in the realm of science, divine creation or what have you we ultimately don’t have an answer to these questions. We continue to grow as a human race it seems for no other reason than…well… there’s nothing else to do so we might as well evolve. As humans at our core we are programmed with a basic instinct to survive, but other than that why do we proceed down the path? Why are are we programmed to move forward? As I thought on this topic I could not come up with any logical reason as to why we move forward as a human race.  Other than survival what is the reason for our rationalization?

It was then I realized perhaps I am asking the wrong question– or better yet–perhaps I shouldn’t be asking a question at all.

It is my personal belief that human beings are here for no other reason than to create purpose.

Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere. Instead of asking a question consisting mostly of dark matter I am now making a statement that can be validated. When we die, the world as we know it does not skip a beat. The forces within our universe continue without knowledge of our passing. The only thing we truly leave behind is the legacy of the purpose we created. When I say the legacy of purpose I am speaking beyond your daily career and the fatum of meeting your significant other. We cannot wake up searching for a purpose, instead, we must wake up with the intent of creating purpose. Taking it a step further I am not insisting that in order to create purpose you must be the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates. In fact, I am saying quite the opposite.  Everything we do each day we do it with the fundamental yet unconscious desire to create purpose. We try to give meaning to everything we do. We create purpose. We are defining purpose.

Are you one of those people who always asks why things happen to them?  Why do or don’t good things happen?  Perhaps it’s because we stop looking outward to the universe for answers and instead create the purpose from within. We need to stop asking life what purpose is and instead tell the world what our purpose we are creating.  By creating purpose, we validate ourselves and our humanity. By creating purpose, we architect the design of our lives and every intricate interaction around us.

The ability to create purpose is mankind’s most magnificient power.