Is the passionate career becoming a myth?

The passionate career is a myth.  Stop ruining your passions by forcing them into career archetypes.

Let me ask you a question. Do you like to go out to the bar or occasionally spend a night on the town? I know I do.  Does that mean that just because I like going to the bar I should work at one professionally? How about a co-worker who enjoys baking cakes? Because she enjoys baking is she then supposed to go and open a bakery? The answer is no. Unless of course you really want to. Why do we feel the need to link things we enjoy with things we get paid to do for work?


A big pile of clutter

Top 5 Tips for Managing Clutter

Clutter is to the mind is like hair is to the drain, and when it overflows it’s all bad.

What happens when a drain becomes clogged? Stuff just overflows. What happens when our minds become cluttered?  We stop being productive.  We lose focus. We burn ourselves out or procrastinate tasks often leaving us with little to nothing done. It’s all bad. Managing clutter is more difficult than just saying I will do better next time. Clutter is deceptive.  It starts small and much like a virus it begins to spread.  So how do we manage clutter more efficiently?


a clipboard that says stress is something you make

How do you focus when you are overwhelmed?

“Focus is so difficult for me. There always seems to be a million things that need to get done, or that I should be doing better.” – Twitter friend on @davidaimi

This statement puzzled me. As I sympathized and dissected what this person said I thought “well why on earth do you have a million things to get done?!”  How on earth would this person be able to focus when there is just so much going on?  I think the answer is obvious, you can’t.